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Extension Mobility Single Sign-On
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Extension Mobility Single Sign-On

You never have to log onto your Cisco IP Phones anymore. Completely transparent Single Sign-On for Extension Mobility.
Video: telisca profile & products
Clip - 4 minutes

Video: telisca profile & products

Video presentation of the rich set of telisca applications
for Cisco Unified Communications
Video:  IPS Global Directory
Clip - 5 minutes

Video: IPS Global Directory

Discover the advanced features
of telisca IPS Global Directory

More than 30 off-the-shelf products

We continuously add new features
or build new Cisco IP Phone apps from your requirements.

  • Administration Tools
    Applications for IPT Administrators and integrators for migration, provisioning, users' credentials management, phones control...
    • CUCMQuery
      Query tool for CallManager database. Launch queries, navigate tables, update and extract data.
    • Delog-Relog
      Apply changes to Device Profiles in bulk : logout all large numbers of users from Extension Mobility and log them back in as they were before.
    • Phone Robot
      Execute macro scripts of keystrokes remotely on your phones: change the network settings, delete security certificates, take a screenshot...
    • Pin and Password Manager
      Delegated administration of PIN and Password, to save your HelpDesk time and improve security.
    • Quick Num Plan
      Numbering Plan Management tool.
    • User to Phone Deployment
      When Extension Mobility is not utilized: User to Phone Deployment
  • Audio Applications
    Telisca provides simple and cost effective solutions for all your requirements with audio / IVR elements.
    • Busy Alerter
      Know when someone is already on a call. Choice to wait, leave a message, program a callback.
    • TAnnounce
      A welcome message and simple IVR with call statistics for Cisco CallManager.
    • Voice Alert
      Triggers pre-recorded audio alerts to large number of phones with receipt confirmations.
    • Voice Callback
      A callback audio server for external callers and analogue phones or without a display.
    • Wake-up Call
      Audio menu to program voice alarms (wake-up calls, for instance).
    • Recording Notification
      Warns the caller that the call will be recorded
  • Call Center Tools
    • Call Back Server
      A callback server for Cisco Unified Contact Center - Enterprise & Express
    • Desktop Popup
      Dialing and caller ID on your desktop with CRM integration.
    • MediaSense Extensions
      telisca MediaSense Extensions adds application features to Cisco MediaSense
    • Silent Monitoring
      Allows a supervisor to listen to the calls of team members.
  • Directory Applications
    • ClickNDial
      Directory and dial tool for Cisco Communications Manager
    • IPS Global Directory
      Unifies all your corporate contacts and puts them at your fingertips for search, caller ID, maintenance...
      • Corporate Speed Dials
        Centralised management of Speed Dials.
      • Directory Export
        Maintain database consistency without effort: update AD/LDAP and other databases with contacts from any source.
      • IPS Popup
        Caller ID, reverse lookup on your IP Phones. The details can be pulled from a variety of locations.
      • Personal Directory
        Browse your personal contacts (Outlook, Notes, Exchange and Domino) from your IP Phones, Jabber, Web browsers...
      • Provisioning
        Automate CallManager and Unity records creation, update and deletion from you usual databases (AD, LDAP or any other)
      • Web Directory
        Web Directory is a web based interface to search and edit all the contacts configured in IPS Global Directory from your browser.
  • IP Phone Apps
    • IPS Alarm Callback
      Program reminders and numbers to call back from your phones.
    • IPS Lock
      Lock your phone with one button to prevent outgoing calls.
    • IPS Manager Assistant
      Manager Assistant call filtering, the best alternative to Cisco IPMA.
    • IPS Pager
      Text messages and PA system for Cisco IP Phones
    • IPS Phone Config
      Control your forwards, PIN, locale, buttons... directly from your Cisco phones.
    • IPS Reservation
      Shared resources (rooms, parking spaces...) simple booking tool on the IP Phones.
  • Jabber Applications
  • Productivity

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HOW it works

One server
Our powerful Telisca Framework runs on IIS on Windows 2003,2008,2012. VMWare and Cisco UCS compatible.
One or many applications
You install only the applications you need and control them from one web interface
Industrial grade performance
High availability, fault tolerance, multi clusters, for just 50 phones or for 50 thousand: no problem!

WHO we are

Expert developers
We are a team of developers, specialised in Telephony Over IP (TOIP): CTI (JTAPI, TAPI), XML Phone Services, Contact Centers.
Since 2004
We have been working with Cisco, vendors, multinationals and smaller businesses on a variety of projects. Our offices are in France, England and USA.
Official Cisco Partners
We are members of the Cisco Developer Network, and official Cisco Developer Solution partners.

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