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telisca GDPR ready


telisca is fully behind the new GDPR act coming into place on the 25th May 2018.  GDPR (also known as the General Data Protection Regulation) is a new European framework for data protection laws. It gives you greater protection and rights and will give you more control over how your data is used by telisca.

We fully support these new regulations and have reflected our commitment to protect your rights and interests in our new Privacy Policy statement. We’ve provided clarity on what data we have, how we use it, why we need it and who has access to it. We’ve also appointed a Data Protection Officer who you can contact if you have any concerns.

Storing relevant data

telisca have gone through our processes to make sure it is necessary we only store the relevant data of our clients and direct customers.  I can advise that we do not store any “sensitive data” and only authorised persons have access to the data that they need. Our applications do not save sensitive data and confidential data, if required, is encrypted. We also do not keep your data beyond what is necessary.

Respect the rights of people

The GDPR reinforces the obligation of information and transparency with regard to the people whose data you process (customers, resellers and employees).

telisca collects only the minimum required data to manage our business with our customers and resellers.  If they are used in our mailing campaigns, the users can choose to opt out, then they have this personal information removed from our database.

Secure your data

We have got the necessary security steps in place to make sure that our customer data is stored securely and that we follow the guidelines provided by the CNIL.

If have any questions on how we are abiding by this new law, then please do contact us via email on

Start with telisca

Are you new to the telisca products? You don’t know how to find the documents, news or answers to your questions? Well there are several places where you can find information about our products and this is all covered in this article.

I want to find the latest news of telisca, like there product list along with a detailed description:

The information is all available on our commercial website You will find news, videos, blog articles and datasheets for all of our products.


I have to install/upgrade the telisca server:

The telisca setup and the administration guide are on the home page of our support site You must be registered to have access to these files. If you don’t have an account yet, please contact the support team via email We will be happy to grant you access and make you part of the telisca’s family!


I have a configuration problem. The product doesn’t work as it should do:

First of all, you will be able to find the configuration guide of each of our products on the home page of the support website Generally, it will assist you when you are stuck with a configuration issue.  After that, if it’s still not working, contact the support team by mail at These guys are the best!


I have a sales question. I want a quote or to test a product:

We have a team for that too! They will assist you in any sales quires, from quotes, to trialling products or answer any general questions you may have on our products.  Send a mail and a nice guy will answer as fast as possible.


I always want to be up to date about the telisca products:

Register to the telisca newsletter (you can unregister when you want of course).  Also add our chatbot on Cisco Spark: Then ask him questions, obtain telisca documents and he will also send you out updates too!