User to Phone Deployment
when Extension Mobility is not utilized

Associating IP Phones - Users
User to Phone deployment is design to reduce the cost of IP phone deployment when Extension Mobility is not used. It is then necessary to associate an IP Phone to a user and deliver the right IP Phone on the right office.User to Phone deployment will complete Provisioning applications like telisca’s Provisioning module based on IPS Global Directory or any other application.

The provisioning will create, via a batch process, CUCM’s end users associated to fully configured IP Phones with a dumb MAC address.IP Phones will then be shipped to the offices without taking care of the MAC address. When the user or a deployment staff connects the IP Phone to the LAN it should auto register on CUCM with a default very limited configuration. User to Phone deployment application detects the new IP Phone (matching the auto-registering specific partition) and updates it to set the Idle URL in order to call User to Phone’s XML application.

This IP Phone XML application prompts the user to enter his IP Phone extension (if he knows it, which is generally the case when migrating from another PBX system), or eventually his userID (which may be the Active Directory user ID). The IP Phone is then searched in CUCM’s database by directory extension associated to the phone or by end user associated to the phone. The XML application displays the IP Phone description and the end user first name, last name and department. In case of a shared line, a list of IP Phones is displayed.

When the user has validated the screen, the application deletes the auto-registered IP Phone definition and changes the configured CUCM’s IP Phone with the MAC address of the new IP Phone. The IP Phone is then reset to load the right configuration.

A report is generated each time a user has requested an association, including the IP Phone and user’s information, as well as the result of the operation showing success or failure cause.

User to Phone deployment has several options:

  • Add a customized help page before prompting the user
  • Prompt for extension number or userId
  • Add a prefix to the extension number
  • Checks the IP Phone model is the same as the one defined for the extension or user entered
  • Displays the description of the IP Phone and the user name associated to the phone (if any)

Use to Phone deployment IP Phone interface and administration is available in English and French.

For more details,
the product document is here below: