Voice Alert: activated by dialed number or by pushbutton

Voice Alert is mainly used to alert automatically a list of recipients and play a recorded alert audio message.

The recipient may be asked to type a validation DTMF code to accept the alert.

The alert may be triggered by calling a defined directory number, from an authorized calling number and eventually typing a DTMF code. The alert is selected depending on the calling and/or called directory number.

When the alert is activated the caller hears a confirmation audio message.

The alert can also be triggered by pressing a push button or by a dry contact. This is possible either by using an electronic input dry contact to IP converter or by connecting a dry contact to a Cisco ATA 186/188 voice gateway simulating the handset is off hook. By using an empty translation pattern on a specific partition, a directory number can then be called automatically.

For more details, the product document is here below: