IPS Popup / Reverse Lookup:
Personalize your incoming calls

This application is an extension of the IPS Global Directory product.

Caller Identification

With IPS Popup option, IPS Global Directory is automatically queried at each incoming call searching on the calling phone number.

If a contact is found in the directories or database defined, a popup detail contact screen is pushed on the IP Phone.

If multiple contacts are found, the list is displayed.

IPS Popup includes a CTI server that monitors the phone events.

Several operational modes are available:

  • By using a TCL script installed on the Voice Gateways (H323 or SIP), which effects a query
    in IPS Global Directory and displays the caller name. The name is then displayed on the IP
    Phone identified similar to an internal call.
  • By configuring an External Call Control Profile pointing toward IPS Global Directory, allowing
    (starting with CUCM 10) to modify the name display. This External Call Control Profile
    should be associated with a translation pattern which filters external calls.
  • By using telisca CTI Server, which supervises the IP Phones and permits pushing a contact
    screen to the IP Phone. This screen allows the description of the contact on several lines
    and, if desired, a photo. This mode is obligatory if the search is effected in the personal
    directory associated with the IP Phone user. Upon ringing, an ‘Answer’ button permits
    accepting the call from the Popup screen. The Popup screen is erased upon off-hook or
    after a certain delay.

Add-ons for IPS Global Directory

  • Corporate Speed Dials
    Centralised management of Speed Dials.
  • Export / UDS
    Update LDAP/AD directory, export text file, simultate Cisco UDS directory
  • IPS Popup / Reverse Lookup
    Caller ID, reverse lookup on your IP Phones
  • Personal Directory
    Browse your personal contacts (Outlook, Notes, Exchange and Domino) from your IP Phones, Jabber, Web browsers...
  • Provisioning
    Automate CallManager and Unity records creation, update and deletion from you usual databases (AD, LDAP or any other)
  • Web Directory
    Web Directory is a web based interface to search and edit all the contacts configured in IPS Global Directory from your browser.