Provisioning: defining CUCM elements

This application is an extension of the IPS Global Directory product.

Updates CUCM configurations
The optional Provisioning module can create or update the CUCM configuration.It is particularly efficient when using Extension Mobility.The Provisioning module synchronizes from one or several IPS Global Directory sources or triggered by calling a Web Service method.The provisioning module creates or updates the End User, Device profile, Line in CUCM.

It creates and updates the Unity or Unity Connection accounts.

Default parameters can be set and the parameters can be selected depending of the value of one or several source attributes.

Provisioning values can be set from source attributes using format mask.

Add-ons for IPS Global Directory

  • Corporate Speed Dials
    Centralised management of Speed Dials.
  • Export / UDS
    Update LDAP/AD directory, export text file, simultate Cisco UDS directory
  • IPS Popup / Reverse Lookup
    Caller ID, reverse lookup on your IP Phones
  • Personal Directory
    Browse your personal contacts (Outlook, Notes, Exchange and Domino) from your IP Phones, Jabber, Web browsers...
  • Provisioning
    Automate CallManager and Unity records creation, update and deletion from you usual databases (AD, LDAP or any other)
  • Web Directory
    Web Directory is a web based interface to search and edit all the contacts configured in IPS Global Directory from your browser.