telisca MediaSense Extensions:
intelligent indexing and powerful search/playback
for Cisco MediaSense

Robust enhancements for better management of recorded calls
telisca MediaSense Extensions adds application features to Cisco MediaSense:

  • Intelligent indexing: recordings are automatically annotated with data from Active Directory, a database, or CUCM,
  • Archiving: on cost-efficient storage, with encryption and management of retention intervals,
  • Web interface for search: search by last name, first name, number, department, site, etc. The results may be filtered by entity; access is controlled,
  • Streaming audio: Listen to streamed recordings via the web search interface or download an mp3 file.

For more details, the product document is here below:

Listen to the webinar (20 minutes):

telisca MediaSense Extensions (November 2016)

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MSX : Admin & User interface