Busy Alerter: when the line is busy,
select from options - Ring, Voicemail, Callback

Choices offered to callers
telisca Busy Alerter Callback is an application for Cisco Unified Communications Manager that sends a notification to the calling party when the called line is already engaged.

This is necessary when the called line supports two or more calls (busy trigger parameter is greater than one). In this case the phone rings and the caller may think that nobody is answering.

Busy Alerter Callback also enable the user to set an automatic callback when the called party is available again.

IP phone user interface

With Busy Alerter, when calling from an IP Phone, the caller will get a Popup on the IP Phone screen with a notification text message. Via the softKey he can then choose:

  • To wait while the call is ringing,
  • Press a SoftKey to be redirected to Voice Mail,
  • Program an automatic callback (several callbacks can be programmed).

For more details, the product document is here below: