Call Restriction Override

Call Restriction Override is an audio based server that can be used to provide an internal company’s phone a temporary upgrade of his call profile in order for instance to call an international number.

The user will call an attendant or an executive that will transfer him to this audio service. To ease the transfer a Service URL button can be configured on the attendant’s phone that will automatically redirect the call to the audio server.From the audio service, the user will use DTMF to enter the international number he wishes to call. The directory number will be completed by the # code. The * code may be used to clear an incorrect number.
CUCM’s call history will track this call as been called by the user.
The administrator will set up a list of authorized calling numbers (attendant’s or executive’s number). It is also possible to define a prefix that will be added to the numbered by DTMF.

For more details, the product document is here below: