IPS Alarm Callback: program alarms/callbacks directly on the IP Phone

Programmed Callbacks and Alarms - even when the workstation is turned off
Telisca IPS Alarm Callback enables a Cisco IP Phone user to program alarms and callbacks directly on the IP Phone.

It helps users not to forget important meetings or calls, even if the computer is turned off. Users will be notified by an alarm sound and image on the IP Phone, which will much more attract the user’s attention than some alarm programmed on the PC.

The user may select the date (default: the same day), the time, and either a phone number or, if desired, a short reminder message. At the programmed time, the Cisco IP Phone will ring (a specific ring is selectable) and display the phone number that may be dialed directly or an image with the reminder message.

The alarm is repeated at specific intervals until the user has accepted, postponed (user-defined delay) or cancelled it. After several minutes, if no user action is detected, the alarm is considered as missed but still appears in programmed alarms list.

An IP Phone display is provided for the review, update, or cancellation of all programmed alarms.

For more details, the product document is here below: