Missed Calls Email Alerter

Missed Calls Email Alerter can notify a user of a missed call on his IP Phone line, by sending an email. This application is useful both for companies that do not have a unified voice mail or when the voice mail does not send an email when the caller does not leave a voice message.

The email notification is configurable and contains the time of the call, the number originally called, the caller's number and the caller’s name for internal calls (Display Name). Associated to an email-SMS gateway, it is also possible to send an SMS with this information.Missed Calls Email Alerter is based on existing telisca modules: CTI Server which is interfaced with CUCM’s CTI Manager and IPS Framework for AXL SOAP / RIS. The CTI Server monitors all the phones that may require Missed Calls Email Alerter. On the ringing event, if the call is not answered for a period of time or if the call is forwarded on no answer, it is considered missed and an email is generated.


  • If not answered without being forwarded on no answer,
  • If forwarded on no answer to another number,
  • If forwarded on no answer to the voicemail.

It is possible to check before sending the email that the called number is the number originally called (to avoid forwarded or redirected calls).

If the originally called number is the number of a Hunt Group (call distribution), then the application will detect this and send an email to the user associated with the number of the CUCM Hunt Group (the originally called number).

The application automatically finds the CUCM user Id associated with the line number and sends the email to the address filled in CUCM End User form.

The application connects to an SMTP server to send the email. The title and body of the email are customizable and may contain information about the call. Messages are sent in English and French depending on the CUCM user Id's language.

For more details, the product document is here below: