telisca Conference Center

telisca Conference Center manages the available conference bridge resources on the CUCM clusters and routers.telisca Conference Center is positioned between:

  • Meet-Me conference feature (furnished with CUCM, but which does not offer conference access control, nor reservation system) and
  • More complicated audio/video conference solutions which require dedicated resources.

Includes: Reserve/Invite via Microsoft Outlook

Features of the telisca Conference Center:

  • Web interface to manage available resources,
  • May be integrated into a Jabber tab
  • Sends an email confirmation to participants
  • Uses the resources which are closest geographically
  • Secure audio access via reservation code
  • Audio or video conferencing (depending upon equipment)
  • Audio messages noting arrivals, departures, end of conference
  • Usage report with check of available resources

For more details, the product document is here below:

User Experience :