Wake-up Call:
Alarm or reminder set from an analogue, screenless, or DECT telephone

With integrated Interactive Voice Response Server
Wake-up Call is an audio service that allows programming an alarm or a wakeup call. This service is available from any phone, including analogical, DECT, SIP basic phones or Cisco 6901/6911 (screen less) phones.

To program a reminder call, the user rings Wake-up Call’s directory number (may be a short number). Wake-up Call detects the calling number, which will be used to call back. It should be noted that if the calling number is a shared line, the phones sharing the line will be both called back by Wake-up Call.

Wake-up Call plays a message asking to enter the time to be called back on four digits (for instance: 0730 for seven and a half AM). To simplify the interface, the call back date is thus limited to the same day or the following day, if the entered time is lower than the current time.

A confirmation message is played, reading the entered time eventually prefixed by the word `tomorrow'.

It the user calls Wake-up Call, while an alarm has already been programmed for the calling directory number, a greeting message informs that an alarm is already set, reading the specified time. The user may then press 1) to cancel the alarm, 2) to update the time of the alarm.

For more details, the product document is here below: