telisca newsletter July 2014

New product:  telisca MediaSense Extensions
Application Bundle for Cisco BE6000
Quality Control:  Silent Monitoring
10 years old already

New product:  telisca MediaSense Extensions 
telisca announces a new product:  MediaSense Extensions - which expands the features of Cisco Media Sense:
  • Intelligent indexing - recordings are automatically annotated with data from Active Directory, a database, or CUCM,
  • Archiving - on any storage device, with encryption and management of retention intervals,
  • Web interface for search - search by last name, first name, number, department, site, etc.  The results may be filtered by entity.  Access is controlled,
  • Streaming audio - Listen to streamed recordings via the web search interface or download an mp3 file.

Additional information is on the telisca website via this link

Application bundle for Cisco Business Edition BE6000
telisca offers a bundle of selected applications for the Cisco Business Edition BE6000.  All of the applications are installed on a virtual machine, on the BE6000 server, using only a single vCPU.

Pricing for the bundle starts with as few as 50 users.

Key applications included in the telisca Business Edition Bundle:
  • Global Directory - the telisca flagship product for enterprise directory management and directory access from the IP Phone,
  • Web Directory - access the Global Directory via a web interface and via a Jabber tab,
  • Personal Directory - synchronize your personal address books with Global Directory,
  • IPS Popup - reverse directory on IP Phones and Jabber,
  • FrontDesk Attendant Console - for the switchboard, a powerful tool for the handling of incoming calls,
  • TAnnounce -audio message for incoming calls, management of opening hours,
  • Conference Center - manage/access CUCM audio and video conference bridges, reserve/invite via Outlook or Jabber,
  • Missed Call Email Alert - sends an email if you miss a call, even if no message is left.

For further information on the telisca Business Edition Bundle, please contact us:
Quality and Transaction Contol:  Silent Monitoring
telisca Silent Monitoring allows a supervisor to listen to the calls of team members simply by dialing the number of the line in use.  The supervisor may listen - silently, or may join - barge into - the call.

  • Silent Monitoring - silently listen to the call,
  • Audible signal - lines monitored are advised by an audio signal that monitoring is in progress,
  • Barge In - allows the supervisor to join the call,
  • Depending upon configuration parameters, the monitored line may confirm or reject the monitoring, answer in multi-call, or enter a conference.
Additional information is available on the telisca website via this link

10 years old already
Founded in 2004, telisca recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

We are grateful to you - our customers and our partners - for contributing to our success.  

We remain always attentive to your needs in order better to serve you.

Ray Owens
Marketing Director

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