telisca newsletter November 2014
telisca newsletter November 2014

New versions: IPS Global Directory & IPS Manager Assistant
Multi-tenant, multi-cluster Solution 
Better and better - because we listen
 Better and better:  IPS Global Directory Suite v4
Version 4 of this flagship telisca product offers an updated administration interface and new features for reverse directory, taking advantage of advanced options of CUCM 10.

Among the new features:
  • Reverse directory using External Call Control Profile, with call history update
  • Integrated Open LDAP, providing search and reverse directory via Jabber
  • Administration interface :  improved to make more intuitive
  • New possibilities of segmentation or filtering, allowing management of multi-site or multi-agency configurations
  • Improved performance of reverse directory
  • Provisioning module: new update capabilities, Jabber support, Single Number Reach
The IPS Global Directory suite may still be ordered with selected options, but we now also propose three bundles:
  • IPS Global Directory Premium : based on IPS Global Directory Standard + Personal Directory + Popup + Web Directory + Export
  • Reverse Lookup/Popup for IP Phone and Jabber : based on IPS Global Directory Core + Popup + Export/Open LDAP
  • Provisioning : based on IPS Global Directory Core + Provisioning
For more details on IPS Global Directory, download the Product Datasheet .

The preferred filtering solution:  IPS Manager Assistant V3
Much appreciated by bosses and their teams, IPS Manager Assistant is evolving.
Version 3 adds new features to facilitate Manager/Assistant call filtering: 
  • New filtering mode using External Call Control Profile (available with CUCM 10)
  • Facilitated teamwork among assistants (interception, forward on busy, multiple calls)
  • Improved interface for Jabber
  • Reports on filtering and call handling
Another innovation eagerly awaited:
  • New Android client for DX650, DX70, DX80.
For more details on IPS Manager Assistant, download the Product Datasheet .
Multi-tenant, multi-cluster solution

The arrival of Version 3 of telisca setup, the installation program for all telisca applications, brings several new features in a modernized interface. 
telisca setup V3 offers a multi-instance, multi-cluster CUCM installation solution. Several instances of telisca Framework may be installed on the same server (VM).

This solution facilitates the deployment of a new version without affecting the existing. 

The solution meets the requirements of hosted services, based on Cisco HCS (Hosted Collaboration Solution) in order to segregate each client.

Because we listen

For enterprises of all sizes, telisca offers a rich range of applications to take optimal advantage of Cisco Unified Communications.  Because we seek always better to respond to your needs, we remain attentive to your requests in order to adapt and improve our products.  

Ray Owens
Marketing Director

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