telisca newsletter November 2015

telisca newsletter November 2015

telisca announces:
  • Compatibility CUCM 11
  • ClickNDial for Skype for Business & Etrali Trading Solutions
  • New product:  Line Group Manager
  • For UK partners / customers:  UK number for telisca support


telisca always stays up-to-date with the latest versions of CUCM. 
telisca applications have been tested with CUCM 11.0 and are compatible.   
In some cases, telisca applications have been updated specifically for compatibility with CUCM 11.0.
A document is available which describes the telisca module versions which have been upgraded or validated to support CUCM 11.
For more information, download the document:

ClickNDial for
Skype for Business &

Etrali Trading Solutions

The popular ClickNDial application now includes expanded features for Microsoft Skype for Business
(formerly Lync).  
The ClickNDial app may also be configured for Etrali Trading Solutions
For more information on ClickNDial, download the:

Line Group Manager

Line Group Manager is a tool for facilitating call handling in organizations which include a large number of agencies.
  • Agent availability in groups
  • External number mask
  • Opening schedules
  • Real-time statistics
Clients directly call the agencies in order to benefit from a personalized reception; however, when the agency is closed or flooded with calls, the calls must be distributed to other agents or other agencies.  
Agents: The tool provides a personal interface for managing one’s availability and the calls one wishes to handle, according to different line groups.   
Supervisors: The supervisor may manage the open/closed hours of the agency and, in particular, unusual schedules. Finally this tool provides line group call statistics in order to monitor the quality of service.  
For more information on Line Group Manager, download the:

UK Support Number

For our United Kingdom partners and customers, there is now a UK phone number to reach the telisca support center:  01273 894 399
For all other countries, the number to dial remains:  +33 1 46 45 05 12

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