telisca webinar invitation & newsletter June 2016

telisca webinar invitation & newsletter June 2016

telisca announces:
  • You are invited!  Webinars will present the new version of the telisca Attendant Console.  Please see below for dates.
  • New product:  Morning Check, an admin tool that automates the daily verification of all elements of the telephone system.
  • MediaSense Extensions, Version 2: new features for agents, supervisors and administrators
  • telisca Framework Server Version 5: updated middleware and graphic interface for the basic platform for administering all telisca applications.

Attendant Console webinars

Webinars will present the new version of Attendant Console, which includes
  • Lync/Skype presence
  • Enriched contact search
  • Aids for the visually impaired 
This innovative solution for incoming call handling at the switchboard is simple to use, affordable and rich in features. 

These webinars will especially interest integrator pre-sales engineers and end-user technical staff.  The webinars will include;
  • product overview
  • new features
  • compatibility with tools for the visually impaired
  • case studies.
These 30-minute webinars will be presented on:
  • Friday, 1 July 14:30 CEST
  • Thursday, 7 July, 17:00 CEST

New product:
Morning Check

Verifying every morning the proper functioning of the telephone system, telisca Morning Check performs automated tests on a sample of telephones and critical applications.
Morning Check allows defining and running unattended scripts, generating reports and sending them by email to administrators.  Morning Check may also be used for performance testing.  Morning Check includes: login-in/log-out users, generate/control calls, play audio, send DTMF, send keystrokes to phone, send SSH commands, …

For more details, download the Product Datasheet:

MediaSense Extensions V2

telisca MediaSense Extensions adds features to Cisco MediaSense:
  • Intelligent indexing
  • Encrypted archiving on cost-efficient storage
  • Web interface for search
  • Streaming audio
The newest version of MediaSense Extensions adds
  • Enhanced recording search
  • Users may listen to their own recordings
  • Provisioning of CUCM recorder lines
  • Multi-tenant settings
  • Time ranges for record imports
  • Fault tolerant support
For more details, download the Product Datasheet:

telisca Framework Server 5

telisca Framework Server is the basis for all of telisca's server-based applications.  
Version 5 brings up-to-date middleware and a renovated graphic interface for managing telisca applications.

30+ applications

Our innovative applications make Cisco Unified Communications even more powerful and a perfect fit for your needs.
We would be happy to discuss your particular needs.  Please contact us:

Ray Owens, Marketing Director